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Undercore - The Tale of Hardсore Undercore - The Tale of Hardсore

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Maybe it's just me but a tutorial would be nice. I mean a permanent help button. I don't know how to play, other than with mouse. The up key moves the screen up, Z doesn't work... And right click opens up a small menu. The game is unplayabe, haven't been able to experience too much of it. :(
And there's only a few playable characers...
And medals don't work...
And the settings IS a joke...
I think this game need further development.

Battery Penetrates Battery Penetrates

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Interesting idea, but a tutorial would be nice. It was frustrating to play and fail many times just to figure out the controls... But other than that this is a simple but fun game.
So the controls:
-Press the letter in the bottom right corner 7 times to pump all your energie to the next battery.
-Press Space to change the polarity of the battery you want to mate with.
-Press the letter in the bottom right corner while positive sides are facing eachother to kill the babies.
-Have fun, and don't think about what you are playing.

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toadfrogs responds:

Thanks for explaining the controls better than how I explain. If I have the time just to update the game, your comment would be helpful :D

Driving Force 4 Driving Force 4

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice just a little bit loud. And a little more music variation would be nice.
The sirene should have some effect. It's just annoying.
At least the graphycs are good, the controls are responsive, the missions are various. But doing the same mission 3 or 4 times only just in other surroundings... And in the last heli mission the distance meter starts outside the screen. It's bad.

So the game is fun and looks good but can use some more refinements.

Go Brick! V.0.1.2 Go Brick! V.0.1.2

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The concept isn't really unique, the graphycs needs some improvement (really?! Red and white squares?), some background music would be great and a clear indication of the walls. I first thought the map is 5 block wide because of the background but soon discovered it is only 3.
So keep working on this one or on some other one. This isn't really interesting nor funny but everyone has to start somewhere. So good luck and don't lose your faith.

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Filip350 responds:

It's only 0.1.2 version. In the future I want to turn white blocks into trucks, red on the car, add music and improve the vehicle.

Hop: Friend Resurrection Hop: Friend Resurrection

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The movement is extraordinarily bad. The camere moves back and forth. You can change moving directions way too quickly. So you tap left and right a lot so the camera moves... Very disturbing.
The music is neat but could be a little longer loop or a bit more various.
The graphics are OK. But the length... needs more work.

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Claustrophobia Claustrophobia

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Actually a good game.
I hate avoiders most of the time but this is decent. Needs tactics because of the medal bug (you can't just double your points over the point what the medal required).
The graphics needs some improvement (:D), and the crash should be fixed, but actually I would play this again if somebody were remake it.
What I really missed is a good guide eg.:
There are 4 Pathfinders, they are green. They always following you. They shoot little red balls which can only travel in a straight line. There are only 2 kinds of bonuses: One will delete all red dots the other will double your score. Be smart because you need to have the exact amount of points for getting the medal. (I did like this bug. This should be a feature.)
So all in all: Could use some improvement (More songs, betterr GFX) but the game is decent.

oQo oQo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice concept and the sounds are beautiful.
The controls could be better. Maybe if you could only go left and right...(Hold right and you can go around and around.) It wouldn't always work that well but maybe on most levels.
No glitches for me only that bug. :D
The game is pretty straight forward, you have to experiment a little with every colour but it's okay. The background's a little flat and so the 'character', and the 'flowers'.
Good job anyway.

oQo responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback!
The controls are our toughest issue, we have already thought about it a lot, and the solution you suggest, which is the most intuitive, doesn't work very well as you say for some levels (and is overall not so enjoyable, despite it seeming to be) :/ We are gonna keep thinking about that for the final game!
It's nice to see that your other points should be largely improved for the final game, we already started the work on making all of this a bit less flat :)

Tank War Tank War

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice game but need some tweaks...For example:
-You have to go through the tutorial every time... And it looks pretty crappy... (low resolution pictures)
-The tutorial doesn't say that you can hold your fire button to shoot further.
-You can't go back from the tutorial if you clicked the tick you have to go through and start playing to be able to get back to the main menu.
-The exit button is useless. (Or is it a joke?)
-It is glitchy if you stand on the crate spawning point (only sound glitch)
-If you get the superfire upgrade your next shot will be stronger. But the upgrade doesn't go away. And because of this few of your shots are going to be strong as well. (But not all of them.)
-An AI would be great.
-You can damage yourself. (By facehuging the enemy. Even the armor can't defend you from it.)
-That dinamic camera is killing me.
But other than these... This is fun! (Even glitching into houses... it is cool.)

Idle City Idle City

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The game is getting easy too soon and still can't get the World Population Medal. I don't know how somebody got that but my population cant get over 0.00214 because then it goes to negative. (Just as my money. It switches between positive and negative 2 billion.) Please fix these issues or do something with the medal, because I want to finish this game finally.
(Oh and I have no idea what to do for the best city medal but I could find out that later.)
Anyways this game has potential but needs some fixes. (Still fun to watch these big numbers switching.)

Electric Rubber Electric Rubber

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Decent game but Overnight Success just doesn't want to work for me... I have over 500 Daily bonus levels and still.
Oh and maybe the problem is, that I bought the More Buttons (actually for 7,5 MW instead of what the shop says: 750 KW) and since that the Daily Reward box doesn't go away from my screen, and I can't claim the bonus reward. I've started it over once but it still doesn't work.

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