2017-06-18 04:55:39 by Csucskos

Wow, how imaginative I am. You have seen this title a few times I think, but sorry this is what it is.

So this time on I am not going to upload anything new until September.
Or maybe. It mainly depends on the judges in the Audio Deathmatch stuff. If I have the oppurtinity to upload something for NGADM because I made into the next round, I am going to produce something. (And if the ideas come.)

But other than that I will work on an album of my remastered songs. Yes I want to release an album. First I have to finish those songs than decide the order than make an album cover. Maybe a new avatar. That Sharpedo is getting old I think. (I don't know which part of the work will be the longest)

Anyways, don't expect anything until September but maybe here will be some new content. :D



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