Back in action

2017-09-03 06:44:03 by Csucskos


I've learnt that the only thing what always exist is the excuse. I don't want to find excuses but...

To keep it short I had a beautiful summer (mostly because I spent my time with my friends) but didn't really work on new submissions. No fears tho, I'll have a lot of time during the year (hopefully) so the submissions-on-every-other-Sunday is going to stay, just the announced album is not going to arrive soon. It is going to take a tiny bit longer. Maybe next year. Or. Maybe the best if I just don't promise anything... The songs are going to be uploaded and if the stars aligned I might share some extra content. Maybe...



2017-06-18 04:55:39 by Csucskos

Wow, how imaginative I am. You have seen this title a few times I think, but sorry this is what it is.

So this time on I am not going to upload anything new until September.
Or maybe. It mainly depends on the judges in the Audio Deathmatch stuff. If I have the oppurtinity to upload something for NGADM because I made into the next round, I am going to produce something. (And if the ideas come.)

But other than that I will work on an album of my remastered songs. Yes I want to release an album. First I have to finish those songs than decide the order than make an album cover. Maybe a new avatar. That Sharpedo is getting old I think. (I don't know which part of the work will be the longest)

Anyways, don't expect anything until September but maybe here will be some new content. :D


Some situation report

2017-02-26 17:08:09 by Csucskos

Hey everyone,

Haven't posted a post for about half a year. (Maybe because nothing interesting happened.) But. Now I have good news:

My average views are 300 per music piece, woohoo. (Not much, I just want to make the difference noticable.)

--DubStep43 WIP just hit 3000. Thank you guys all!--

First when I started making music my goal was to make ambient or techno pieces which are good enough to call them music, just for myself. Then I put them up here for your hearing pleasure. (And for some feedback :D) Since then I've tried different styles and turned out, you love dubstep the most. I wanted to make some hardstyle remixes but they didn't really work out well.

For a little period of time I had difficulties with making music (some call it writers block) you've maybe spotted those some kind of 'flat' pieces but now it's all right I think.

So all in all I want to thank you for your support but since I can't really do much but creating music: I want to pleasure you with your favourite genre. What is yours?



2016-06-19 02:59:10 by Csucskos

Dear Everyone,

The end has come. So this is my summer time pause but we will meet in September.

Oh, and thanks for the great support. One of my songs (DS43WIP) has just hit 400 views... Wow. And thanks again.

The holiday is needed to prepare more music. I want to remix a few songs. Anyways see you later.


More news

2015-06-14 14:03:40 by Csucskos

It is really odd that I won't have time to upload and this is the time when I come famous :D I have had 100 listens on my last song what is uploaded today.

SO I might upload something in the Summer but I will keep some to have enough for the next year.

Many thanks guys!



2015-06-14 03:41:36 by Csucskos

Dear Everyone,

I hope you enjoy my songs I've uploaded. I want to upload more but I've run out of finished songs and also my school term ended so in my holiday I would prepare more music and start upload it in September.

See you that time.

(You might find out that I had to upload so short and easy songs like PianoS that I wanted to finish and put in other tone but I had no time for them.)


Last POM-2 song uploaded

2014-10-12 02:51:22 by Csucskos

Hello everyone!

I uploaded my sixth song. It was the last POM song so here come the Real songs.

I'm going to upload a real FL song next week so see you than.


Last POM-1 song uploaded

2014-09-28 07:30:28 by Csucskos

Hello everyone again!

I'm still here and uploaded my fourth song. I hope you like them all but if not I bet you will the next one.

Next week I'm going to upload a POM-2 song so see you next week.


Second upload

2014-09-14 02:42:50 by Csucskos

Hello everyone,

I uploaded my second song so I hope you'll enjoy them and looking forward to next Sunday when I'll upload again.

Until next time!


About Me

2014-08-31 15:15:06 by Csucskos

Hello Everyone,

I am a new uploader and my favourite style is trance and techno. I got inspiration from Kid2Will, Dimrain47 and DaGrahamCraka. I had found them in a game called 'Music in Motion'. It isn't a very good game but it has very good music from them ;).

I realized that I want to upload my music to become as good musicians as they are. (I'm Hungarian and I can't speak and write English well so sorry.) I know I can't be as famous as they but I try it.

My first meeting with music-making-on-computer is in the game called 'Punk-O-Matic' and continued in P-O-M 2.

So first I will upload them (just 6 tracks so please be patient). 1 track per week and after that I have some normal tracks (with FL Studio) but only a few (really few, only 3 tracks) so after these tracks I have to have some break so I will upload them every second week. But I'm not sure I can make more song. (Yes, yes I have a lot of melodies in my head but I'm not a professional FL-er. Sorry.) Enjoy the songs I've made and please be patient.

P.S. Please review if you can becase I really need it.